We are a paralegal service that experts and attorneys trust. Regardless of location, you can rely on our experienced staff to handle the volumes of documents and testimony that require review, organization and summarization. Available 24 hours a day, SZ Paralegal Services takes pride in providing high quality, friendly and reliable service.

Paralegal Services
Attorney/Law Firm/In-House Counsel

Reduce your overhead and outsource your paralegal work. We are the experts in litigation and we can help you with deposition summaries/indices (page/line), witness and exhibit lists, document review and organization, drafting of federal required disclosures and pretrial stipulations, witness interviews, preparation of discovery and discovery responses, medical chart reviews, medical chronologies, and more.

Expert Witness
Expert Witness

Focus on what really counts: writing your reports and preparing for your testimony. We will reduce that 200-page transcript to 4 to 5 pages, allowing you to find relevant testimony to support your opinions and prepare for your deposition effortlessly. Do you receive voluminous electronic files to sort out and review? We will prepare summaries of those documents and even prepare timelines to allow you to have a full picture of the case.

Expert Witness
Insurance Companies

We will partner with the insurance company and provide services at rates lower than that of outside law firms. Medical chronologies, page and line deposition summaries and document summaries are just some of the paralegal and nurse/paralegal work we do every day for our clients.

Experience Counts

More than 30 years of experienced Paralegals and qualified Registered Nurses
allow us to offer a quality service in all areas of litigation.


Expert witnesses: We will summarize your depositions, documents and medical records so you can focus your time on writing reports and preparing testimony. Our team is here to help you save time and money, which will assist in growing a thriving expert practice.  

Attorneys/In-House Counsel/Insurance Companies: Save money and time through the outsourcing of paralegal tasks to our team.  We have the skills and experience to handle any type of paralegal task you need and we provide quick turnaround.  Our nurse/paralegals will review your medical records, focus on key treatment and provide you with a concise chronology of treatment which will aid in your analysis of the value of your medical related case.